96 Points Wine is now offering a wine-focused gift and delivery service, which includes hand-made cedar cases and wine accessories, plus the knowledge to assist you in selecting the wines of your choice. Perfect for personal or corporate gifts!

Finally a gift you can gift that you'd hope to receive.

After over a decade in Europe managing restaurants, plus several years of professional wine study, we have developed a knowledge of and passion for wine. Now home in Vancouver, we are offering a wine-focused gift service, which includes delivery of elegant cedar wine cases and wine related gifts. We can also assist in selecting the appropriate wines to include in the gift cases if so desired.

Our cases are locally made of hand-crafted reclaimed cedar. The gift contents of the cases vary and double as wine racks if stood on their side. The cases are also stack-able and interlock. You may select the wine to be included. If you wish, given the price point per bottle and type of wine desired, I will assist you in selecting suitable wines. A handwritten lighthearted yet accurate tasting note will accompany each wine. In addition, laser engravings of logos or personal messages are available. (Please contact us directly for this service). 

All our gift cases are created from locally produced, hand crafted cedar at a non-profit organization that has dedicated over 50 years to providing innovative services to children, youth and adults with developmental disabilities. 

Specific wines of your choice can be included. Or, given the price point, style of wines desired, and relevant information about the recipient, allow us to use our knowledge to make skilled selections.